Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The day began early for the bears as Mr. O'Rourke and Alex Fuller went for a run along the beach at sunrise. Following a yummy breakfast at our hotel, Casa Romantica, the group set off for their surf lessons on the famous Nosara waves. After the 90 minute long surf session--which involved more falling with style than actual surfing--we made our way back to the hotel and went out to lunch. Visiting the oldest restaraunt in Nosara, Rancho Tico, most of the group enjoyed the local Casada dish--a mixture of rice, beans, peppers, meat, and whatever else is lying around in the kitchen--which was surprisingly delicious. Next, we made a short yet expensive stop at the local market and picked up some snacks for everyone. Casta Rica has a 100% import tax. If you can believe it, a bag of pretzles cost 12 US dollars. But as the morning came to a close, so did our period of relaxation. Braving the dirt roads in our group's ferocious van, we made our way to a mango plantation. At the plantation we gathered three crates of fresh mangos--one for ourselves--and two for our soon-to-be monkey friends. We then made the short drive to the sanctuary and delivered our mangos to the monkeys. Unfortunately, as we are still in our quarantine period where we aren't allowed to be in direct contact with the monkeys, we were only able to watch from a distance as monkeys leaped back and forth over our heads. We did this, however, as we sipped coconut milk from fresh Costa Rican coconuts. Saying goodbye to our monkey friends, we made our way back to the hotel and then out to dinner where we enjoyed good (and very cheap) food to the sound of live Costa Rican music before finally settling in at our hotel for the night.

Pura vida!

-Fuller and Wesley

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  1. Sounds fantastic, wish you could bring some mangoes and coconuts home!