Friday, March 1, 2013

Some days are just too busy for blogging...

What a 48 hours we've had! d

Since our last installment, we've shoveld rocks, sewn shade clothes, sipped fresh coconut water, gone horseback riding, waited 2 hours for dinner to arrive, woken up early, zipped 200+ feet above the ground, swum in the Rio Nosara, met Toby the Capuchian, and Ben and Jerry the Howlers, painted the enclosures, and had a lovely dinner back her at the hotel. And don't forget all that swimming!

The Costa Crew apologizes for a lapse in the blogging, but after the Thursday we had, there was just no energy left to type. For our third full day in Nosra, we started things off at work. After a breakfast of rice, beans, eggs, and fruit, the Crew piled into the van and pulled out to Santa Marta for a full morning of work. While some of the group shoveled and moved piles of rocks at the Casita build site, others sat in the shade to sew tent pole-channels into the sahde cloth for the Vivero. Still more volunteers hopped in Steve the Monkey Man's truck to gather leaves for the monkeys to eat and river-sand for the concrete foundation, which they then had to sift by hand for a finer quality poduct. After a hard morning of work, interspersed with some chilled coconut water and watermelon slices, it was lunch time in Guiones at the favorite spot of the week, Beach Dogs, for some killer smoothies and yummy local food. With full bellies, it was time for most of the Crew to hop on horseback for a ride through a lcal nature reserve with Nano. Our ponies were full of spunk! Jake and Maureen went flying ahead on the beach at a full gallop with the wind in their hair - if only I could ride and take video footage at the same time! Perhaps the most difficult part of the day came at night when a late dinner turned into a two hour wait while we all learned a little about patience. Finally, Jack (aka El Hefe) took charge of the situation (after a brif nap at the table) and the food arrived. We were a sleepy and slightly grouchy crew, but survive we did and we're here to tell the tale!

Friday took things in another new direction BUT you'll have to stay tuned to read about Allie conquering her fears on the zip line, Connor's attempts on the rope swing, and why a quick trip to the doctor isn't the end of the world - as long as it's a trip to Dr. Alejandro, the qickest, kindest, and perhaps most handsome doctor on the Guanacaste penninsula!

Oh, and did I mention the monkeys? Check back on Saturday afternoon for more on Toby, Ben, Jerry, Ginger, and all of SIBU's free-swinging friends.!

We're all intact and having fun - minor bumps, bruises, rashes, and belly aches not withstanding.

Much love from Nosara!

Pura Vida,
Mrs. O (aka the "other" Octo-Mom)

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  1. Jackie,
    Thank you so much for this blog, it's so much fun reading about your experiences day by day!